Comment prendre soin de son Micro Bikini ?

How to take care of your Micro Bikini?

There are many things you need to know about micro bikinis . Since these extreme swimsuits are meant to cover your private parts, you should pay special attention to them. Any misuse can lead to various problems that you will discover sooner or later.

But do not worry ! As long as you follow these maintenance tips, you will never have any problems!

Some cleaning tips

Read the instructions

This shouldn't come as a surprise and there's no need to point it out, but you should definitely read the bikini instructions. Some extreme bikinis need to be hand washed. In some cases, they do not support high temperatures. Be sure to follow these instructions to the end, as you can easily ruin an item you have just purchased.

Spot treatment

As with any other type of clothing, it is very important to treat stains as soon as possible. When using stain removers, be sure to apply them indoors. However, be careful when using harsh chemicals because micro bikinis are really small and can't handle as much as regular products.

Don't try to experiment with cleaning products

The most important thing to keep in mind is that strong chemicals should not be taken lightly. Ammonia and bleach are particularly problematic as they can lead to discoloration. Sometimes you have to take your time. If you rush the process, you will get unwanted results and damaged tissue. Again, it would be good if you read the instructions before applying anything.

Choice of detergents

You can, among other things, use detergents to get rid of stains. As you know, they exist in the form of powder or liquid, which is why it is important to make the right choice. It is necessary to favor products capable of liquefying quickly. So you won't have to soak the bikini in the solution for a long time.

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What to do if you have chocolate or alcohol stains?

Each type of stain should be treated differently. Alcohol can be particularly problematic. You should use the hottest water possible that will not affect the fabric. You will therefore have to find a happy medium, otherwise you risk damaging the article. Soaps should be avoided as they only make things worse. Instead, you'll simply need to soak the bikini in a specific product to remove the alcohol. Chocolate stains are a bit different in this respect. You will need to use a pre-wash product or other item that contains enzymes. After the pre-treatment is complete, you will need to start scrubbing with liquid detergent and washing. Sometimes the stain is still there. If so, you will need to use bleach.

Always rinse with cold water

Rinsing is another part of the stain removal process. Once everything else is said and done, you need to get some cold water to rinse off your bikini. Be careful to be thorough, but at the same time try not to rub anything as there are often small stain molecules.

Be sure to dry it properly

Finally, you are ready to put your bikini on and dry it. The ideal is to put it outside to dry in the sun. If you are in a hotel, you can put it near the windows so that it gets plenty of sunlight. You don't need to invent anything new; just make sure it gets enough sunlight.

There are many things you need to know about the micro bikini. Since these swimsuits are meant to cover your private parts, you need to pay special attention to them. Any misuse can lead to various problems that you will discover sooner or later.

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