Comment choisir son bikini pour un look estival parfait

How to choose your bikini for the perfect summer look

To research the right bikini for the perfect summer look can be a difficult and daunting task. Fortunately, the choice of bikinis has never been so wide and we can easily find the model that suits us best and that highlights our shapes.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of bikini which can be perfect for the summer, as well as useful tips for choosing the model that suits our shapes and preferences.

The different types of bikinis

There are many types of bikinis for women , which range from the simplest and classic to the most daring and trendy. The most popular models include the classic bikini top , the top of bandeau bikini top bikini with a bow , the top of triangle bikini , the one-piece top, the high waist bikini bottom and the low waist bikini bottom.

Each type of bikini has its own advantages and disadvantages. Classic bikini tops are generally more versatile and can be worn sometimes with a large number of styles, but can be a little tight.

Headbands are very fashionable and offer a sexier and edgier look, but can be uncomfortable. Bow bikini tops are great for support and coverage, while triangular bikini tops are perfect for small breasts.

Bow tops also provide extra support, while triangle tops are perfect for bikinis more individualized. One-piece bikini tops are great for women looking for coverage and support, while darkening tops are great for women looking for a bikini more relaxed.

bikini bottoms high waisted bikini bottoms are very fashionable and can be worn with so many different styles, while low waisted bikini bottoms are perfect for women looking for a shorter cut.

How to choose the right bikini

Once you have identified the type of bikini that suits you best, it's time to find the right model for your figure. To find the right bikini , you need to consider your height, shape and skin color.

If you have a small chest, opt for a triangle bikini top or a headband. If you have a larger chest, opt for a top. bow bikini that provides extra support.

Bright colors and bold prints are perfect for fair skin tones, while subtle prints are perfect for darker skin tones.

Neutral colors and light prints are perfect for mature skin. Go for colors that flatter your skin tone and match your wardrobe.

Sequin bikinis are also a popular option for women looking to add some sparkle to their look. When you choose your swimsuit , you should also make sure you are comfortable with it the bikini .

Bikinis that are too tight or leave too little coverage should be avoided.


With a little research and time, find the right bikini for the perfect summer look is not that difficult. It is important to take into account their shape and skin color when choice of bikini , as well as ensuring that it is both comfortable and provides good coverage.

Once you have found the perfect bikini , you can complete your summer look with suitable accessories and stylish sunglasses, and you are ready for a fun and cool summer.

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