Comment choisir le meilleur bikini pour votre morphologie ?

How to choose the best bikini for your morphology?

When you browse the aisles of sultry bikinis at your favorite swimwear store, the patterns, colors and styles are truly stunning. Everything looks lovely and sexy, but finding the perfect piece for your body type is another story.

While there is a huge selection of form-fitting bikinis and luxury swimwear brands to choose from, these pieces are not designed to fit and flatter all body types.

But if you want to flaunt your beach-ready body the right way, you must first determine your body type and the style that suits you best.

How to choose the ideal bikini for your figure?

To help you choose the best bikini for your body, we've put together a comprehensive guide and identified the essential factors you need to consider first.

You no longer have to guess what will work for you and what will not. Trust the advice of professionals instead. Note these key points!

Determine your figure

"What's the best swimsuit for me?" is probably the question that resonates and that requires a certain answer. This is inevitably a difficult question, but identifying your body shape will make it much easier for you.

Before choosing the bikini of your choice, you should learn a little about your physique, the angles and each part of your body. To be able to find the bikini that suits you best, it is indeed important to know in which category your morphology falls.

You still don't know what your build is? Don't worry. We have everything you need. Take a look at these common body shapes and learn more about them.

A rectangular body

Not everyone is lucky enough to have curves, big breasts and sexy buttocks. But that doesn't mean you can't flatter your body with all those stylish bikinis. Your flat stomach is your focal point, and the rest of your body will blend in when you style it right.

You can opt for fun colors and to draw attention away from your chest and behind. A few sparkles and busy patterns will also do the trick. If you want to show off your flat stomach, opt for a two-piece bikini and show it off when frolicking on the sand or sunbathing by the pool. Avoid horizontal stripes. Play with ruffles and mini-skirts. One-piece bikinis with side cutouts will also give your body a more rounded shape.

One-piece swimsuits can also flatter smaller, slimmer figures. Don't opt ​​for dull or solid colors. The advantage of this morphology is that you can play with bright colors and striking prints and patterns. Let yourself go if necessary! The advantage of this morphology is that it allows you to experiment with different patterns while remaining sexy.

An apple-shaped silhouette

Apple-shaped bodies may have a little problem with their bellies. Even if they want to be beach-ready, it takes a few extra tricks to conceal those bumpy bellies. Overly busy patterns and prints are the patterns you should rule out. Opt for bikinis with minimal patterns and solid colors to minimize the attention to your belly.

High waisted and high cut bikinis are also the ideal choices to conceal your tummy troubles. Instead of worrying about a little bulge in your belly, these models highlight your legs and make them look longer and sexier. You can also consider any type of tankini to make the most of your body shape without going out of fashion.

A pear-shaped body

Pear-shaped bodies look best with one-piece bikinis. You can opt for micro bikinis that feature sexy side cutouts to show off your figure, especially your legs and behind. Whether it's a one-piece or two-piece bikini, you can flatter your body with a little accessorizing. Vertical accessories will also do the trick.

Another way to show off your pear-shaped body is to wear a lower neckline for a strapless look. Women with such a body type have sexy hips and to adorn their figure with a sexier look, conventional bikini cuts are also an excellent choice. As long as you find something that complements your figure, you can be extremely attractive.

A large silhouette

No longer will you have to hide behind those baggy shirts and shorts when you go swimming in the pool or frolicking on the sand of the beach. Remember, you don't have to avoid anything if you're tall, go for it, girl! With your shapely body, you can wear tankinis or swim dresses that show off your figure. Whether it's one-piece or two-piece, the skirt or ruffles will make your figure more flattering. High waisted micro bikinis are also a stunning choice.

When it comes to prints and patterns, opt for one-piece bikinis with vertical lines or stripes. These prints give the illusion of making you look slimmer or smaller, if that's what you're after. But you can still feel sexy and comfortable in your body with one-piece bikinis in bright colors and playful patterns.

Big breasts

Bodies with large breasts can maintain a feminine and more conservative look with classic necklines and bikini styles. You should avoid tops that are too cropped if you want to flaunt your bust without being too bold or revealing. You can also opt for dark hues rather than bright hues if you want to take the focus away from your chest.

But if you want to flaunt your bust while remaining more conservative, one-piece bikinis and halter bikinis are the ideal options. At the same time, since large breasts can be problematic, also be sure to take something that will allow you to relax and "unload".

small chest

Women with small breasts do not really have more problems choosing small pieces. If you're one of them, you can actually play and experiment with all kinds of products. With your petite body, ruffles and tankinis can really be adorable. Minimal waistlines are actually effective and can show off your body shape. Girls with small breasts have the perfect body type for bandeau bikinis.

As for the top, you can highlight your body shapes with busy patterns and prints. Two-piece bikinis can also emphasize your stomach and legs rather than your chest.


Whatever your body shape, you can show it off with the perfect sexy bikini. There's no point in wishing you had the best body to wear these swimsuits in style. Each shape is unique and sexy and all it takes is a few touch-ups to get the most out of your figure and sport these bikinis with confidence.

If you're still wondering what type of bikini you should wear, take note of these tips. Determine your body shape and work on it. Once you do, you won't have to worry about finding the perfect product or hiding behind towels and beach blankets. Get on the water and flaunt your sexy body!

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Women with small breasts don't really have any more problems choosing bikinis. If you are one of them, you can actually play and experiment with all kinds of bikinis. With your petite body, monokinis and tankinis can really be adorable. Mini sizes are quite suitable and can highlight your body shape.

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