Bikini pour petite poitrine : Choisir le meilleur en 6 étapes ?

Bikini for small breasts: Choosing the best in 6 steps?

Let's be clear: the size of your chest should not prevent you from wearing an outfit that you like. It's the same for the bikinis .

If many women with small breasts are shy about wearing skimpy bikinis, some make the most of it. There are indeed ways to find a bikini for small breasts and give it a flattering look.

Needless to say, it will boost your confidence and allow you to fully enjoy your day at the beach.

Most of the rules that apply to your underwear also apply to bikinis . Here are some tips that will definitely help you choose the right product!

chest size

Know your size!

It is absurd to have to mention it, but it is so. A woman should know her size before buying a bikini . Our height changes over time, whether due to weight loss or gain, or simply because we have started exercising.

Knowing your size will be a big help if you have a small chest. While women with larger breasts have some leeway, it's very important to be tactical with a small chest .

Suitable breast size

See if it is suitable

Nowadays, women buy bras and bikinis in different shops and stores. It is not uncommon to buy bikinis in an online store, which makes your search even more difficult. You must, among other things, be sure that the article fits you well.

For example, when ordering items online, you may think that a particular product is right for you based on its size. Then you try it and realize that you have to return the product.

So, if it is necessary to know the size, you must also make sure that the product is ideal for small breasts.

Learn more about international sizes

To complete the previous advice, it is necessary to know more about international sizes. Almost every major country or continent has its measure. This makes things more difficult.

Indeed, they can be very different from each other, and you may not find the ideal size for you in a particular market. Be sure to browse some of the sites that compare the bikini chest sizes international and learn where you fit in.

Think about the balconies

If you are looking for a specific model, we recommend that you go for the balconies . It features shorter cups with wider straps, which will work perfectly in the case of a small chest. It makes them look much bigger than they actually are.

As the name suggests, balconettes create the visual image of a balcony, which means that no matter your size, the top will do its job of making your chest look bigger.

However, there is no lots of bikinis that are based on this design, and those that exist are not ideal for swimming. You must therefore take this into account before making your purchase.

Opt for intricate patterns

One of the best ways to show off your boobs is to create a distraction. Some bikinis can be really flamboyant and distract people from the size of your breasts . You can opt for some floral designs that always work.

On another side, solid color bikinis and sharp are probably the worst things you can wear, because the edges are easy to recognize.

Every bump on your body can be seen, which will tell men that you have small breasts.

Ribbons are a good solution

Many women like to wear bikinis with ribbons . Besides the fact that they are really cute, they serve another purpose: to distract the viewer.

Whether they're on your hips or maybe on your neck, they totally change the perception of bikini . Of course, it's even better if you add an intricate pattern to it to create an even better impression.


If you have a small chest and you are looking for a bikini, there are many ways to approach the question.

As you can see, the last thing to do is to despair. The fashion industry thinks of everything, and you can definitely find items that flatter your figure.

However, if you love your body and are willing to take risks, we suggest you check out our online store .

Our mini bikinis may not be ideal for women with small breasts , but they are excellent for those who are not afraid of anything!

You can contact us if you have additional questions or want to inquire about a particular model.

Let's be clear: the size of your chest should not prevent you from wearing an outfit that you like. It's the same for the bikinis .

Bikini for small chest: Choosing the best in 6 steps

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