5 fausses idées sur les micro-bikini

5 misconceptions about micro bikinis

In our modern society, more and more people show great open-mindedness regarding the different styles of bikinis . After all, wear a sexy bikini at the beach nothing really new to us, is it?

Unfortunately, there are still misconceptions about bikinis which are deeply rooted in the way of thinking of our society.

We're here to dispel all those negative impressions in hopes of giving you a more positive view of body positivity. As strong, confident women say, "If you've got it, flaunt it!"

1) It's only for women with "perfect" physique

It's normal to have this misconception and we can't really blame you for it since top models who wear bathing suits have always been with a perfect physique.

Well, times have changed and nowadays style lovers including top fashion designers are coming up with models with different body shapes. From small models to large models, they have all conquered the catwalks!

There is no size too big or too small for micro-bikinis , that's a fact. The beauty microkinis is that there are many kinds that give you the freedom to choose what best suits your body type.

If you take the time to browse the Internet looking for different types of micro-bikinis , you will certainly find models adapted to each type of body.

So don't be discouraged if you think you don't have the same body type as these famous models in bikinis of these fashion magazines! It's about having confidence in your own body and finding the model that suits you best.

2) Micro-bikinis are only for the younger generation.

Watching the young models show off their great microbikinis on social media, you can easily get the impression that these are bathing suits that are only suitable for young women.

It is not the case at all ! In fact, young women (aged 18-25) tend to avoid micro-bikinis , unlike older women.

This is a time when most women are still building their self-esteem and the fear of being ashamed of their bodies is still present.

Most adult women have already shown openness and liberation at a certain age and this is what drives them to try something more expressive and daring.

We're not saying young women should try it, but the fact is, these products are for everyone!

In addition, they are an excellent choice of swimwear for all women, as they are a statement of empowerment that shows that all women should be proud of their bodies and confident in them, regardless of age.

3) They are not at all comfortable to wear

Some types of micro bikinis can be too revealing. It is therefore quite common to think that they are not as easy to wear as traditional bikinis .

However, it is not true that it is not portable at all. There are types of micro bikinis that give you that free-spirited and sexy feeling while allowing you to show off in public.

No one is going to judge you if you wear something light on the beach. We all try to tan anyway.

We're in a time when people are more aware of the issues around body shaming and free speech, and so the public is more comfortable with less fabric.

In fact, if you walk around a very popular beach destination, you are bound to spot a number of women wearing micro bikinis . It's quite portable and you shouldn't be held back for fear of being judged by people.

In the end, the main advantage of all these beach outfits is that they allow you to enjoy the pleasures of summer.

4) It would be unsatisfactory for my small/large buttocks

Much like what we mentioned earlier about body shapes and sizes, it's all about choosing the right one for you!

If you're lucky enough to have a big booty, you should feel confidently beautiful in a micro bikini . There is nothing that can stop you from trying one.

Unfortunately, some fashion blogs advise women with large buttocks to cover them with Full bikini bottoms . Although this option is a matter of personal preference, it is still wrong to think that busty women are not allowed to flaunt their stunning shapes in a micro bikini !

We live in a free world and we have the right to feel free. Get inspired by busty celebrities like Nicki Minaj , Kim Kardashian And Ashley Graham , all of whom were seen flaunting their bodies in a micro bikini . You too can do it!

On the other hand, if you have a small ass or a flat ass, this swimsuit should never discourage you. In fact, less fabric would create the illusion of having a rounded buttocks. And, will give your forms a beautiful relief ready to go to the beach!

5) It does not give a suitable image

The times have changed ! Even the media that used to censor women in bikinis more generally accept this evolving fashion. In these modern times, people are more exposed to the culture of open-mindedness, expressiveness and love of their bodies.

Although we cannot completely ignore the fact that women today are still objectified by the way they dress and express themselves through style. However, it is a state of mind deemed highly unacceptable not only for women but also for men today.

As we are more aware of these societal issues, people are more susceptible in terms of creating stereotypes about women who like to dress more freely.

There's still a lot to overcome, but thanks to the power of social media, people are more confident to stand up for themselves when it comes to freeing themselves from sexual stigma. Wearing something that gives you confidence and empowers you should never be sexualized.


As long as you are happy and confident in your body, there is nothing to worry about! Micro-bikinis are not only a trend, but also a means of self-expression and individuality. Don't let others tell you what you should or shouldn't wear, because you have every right to do things your way. Your body, your choice!

If you wish, you can browse the huge Micro bikini collection that we have on our site . You can easily find a product that will fit your body type. Anyway, don't let the reviews put you off and give it a try. the micro bikini !

In our modern society, more and more people show great open-mindedness regarding the different styles of bikinis . After all, wear a sexy bikini at the beach isn't really new to us, is it? Unfortunately, there are still misconceptions about bikinis which are deeply rooted in the way of thinking of our society.

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